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Plan your Website

Every successful project begins with the correct project plan. The first important thing is to set your purpose and goals. Understand who your audiences (customers) are and find the best ways to reach them.

As soon as we are ready to create a sitemap we'll decide on a budget. The budjet includes funds for web design, programming. graphic design and web hosting (by Web Intelligence). Then, we will discuss what kind of content you would like to be displaying on your website, content is basically anything that gives your visitors information. (articles, images, documents e.c)


Design your Website

Each website is custom designed to match your business perfectly.

Joomla is the CMS (Content Management Systems) i work with, an integrated content management system for web design. With Joomla's abilities and cPanel's control panel, User Experience (UX) is the lasting feeling a user will have after visiting your website. Having considered the UX, i work on User Interface (UI), that's the "design part" of a website, using Photoshop to create beautifull and clean visuals. I'm a big fun of responsive design - that's design that will be equally beautifully displayed on all your devices, tablet, smartphone or computer.



When we finish planning and designing part, i'll create your project using the most suitable technology.

I hand-code using Responsive HTML5, CSS and PHP - and pull it all together in Joomla if you need to manage the content of your website yourself. You'll then be given a test link to your project, where we can make any final changes until you're happy for the project to go live.


Promote your website

It's no good having a fantastic website if no one knows it's there.

I can help you promote & advertise your company in Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more... If you want you customers to stay updated about you, I will use tools to send newsletters, design beautiful email campaigns and keep in touch with your contacts and customers.


Contact Details

Athens, Greece
Tel: 6977 722 750
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